MPCC demands Governor to clarify or else admit she made a mistake : What was allowed to happen is most unfortunate: Okram Ibobi


On the matter of the formation of a BJP government in the state, the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) has asked the Governor Najma Heptullah to admit boldly that she has made a mistake instead of trying to confuse the matter.

A press statement by general secretary of MPCC, Kh Devabrata Singh said that the statement of the Governor reported in Imphal Free Press in its June 13 edition cannot go unchallenged as what the Governor said is incorrect. It stated that there is a need to put records straight and that the public must be informed.

“She said that the situation in Karnataka and Manipur were different but the question we put is what and where are the differences? Would the Governor please enlighten the people of Manipur?” Devabrata questioned.

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We are aware that the formation of a new government start after the new House is constituted by the Election Commission of India. The notification of the ECI constituting the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly clearly mentions that it will be effective after the term of the 10th Assembly expires which was on March 18, 2017. Okram Ibobi Singh staked claim to form the government with necessary documents but the response of the Governor was for submitting papers for Ibobi’s resignation, it said.

Stake for government formation was made after the election results were announced and once the invitation is extended, all other formalities like resignation, recommendation for dissolving the current House, etc, ensues before the swearing in of the new government. Legally, the then government had every right to continue till March 18, 2017. Believing that the Governor holding a high office under the Constitution will follow the democratic principle of inviting the single largest party that is the Congress, Ibobi Singh submitted his resignation. The Congress charged that instead, Najma Heptullah swore- in the BJP led government on March 15,2017 even without dissolving the 10th Assembly and before the term of the 11th Assembly comes into effect.

It question whether the Governor will enlighten to the public under what provisions of the Constitution and law was this allowed? “It is like celebrating the ‘Swasti Puja’ of a child before it is born”, MPCC charged.

The statement of the Governor that the ‘matter is beyond redemption and what has happened has happened’ indicates her biasness during the time of government formation, the Congress party questioned whether if she is formulating a new law that past mistakes even if uncovered will be allowed to continue ? It said that her statements shed confusion and shows her office in a poor light and said that if she has committed a mistake, then to admit it boldly.The Congress party asked the Governor to clarify to the questions.

Former CM Ibobi Singh in a press meet on Thursday mooted similar stance and said Congress did not want to react during such difficult times but the record needs to be put straight. “As head of the state and holding a constitutional post, we cannot imagine such statement of the Governor, it is most unfortunate,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Governor met the press and she refrained from answering the question put by the Congress to prevent further ‘controversy.’

Source Imphal Free Press

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