Femina Miss India 2018: Ruopfüzhano Whiso Ready to Represent Nagaland


18 years old Ruopfüzhano Whiso, will be representing Nagaland for the much coveted FBB Colors Femina Miss India 2018 contest to be held in June in Mumbai this year.

Whiso was selected among the five participants from Nagaland during the FBB Colours Femina Miss India East Zone audition organised by Miss India Organisation held at Big Bazaar, City Square, Guwahati, Assam on March 11. Whiso is the reigning Miss Kohima 2017 and the first runners up of the Miss Nagaland 2017. A favorite among the crowd during the Miss Nagaland 2017 held in December, Whiso was quick to win the crowd with her intelligent responses to the questions, her quiet confidence and graceful demeanor.

Holding a press conference on April 6 at Symphony Café, Kohima, the Beauty and Aesthetics Society of Nagaland (BASN) announced that Whiso is the second representative sent by BASN to represent Nagaland in the Femina Miss India contest. Whiso will be the third Naga representing Nagaland in the national beauty contest, following the strides of former beauty queens Akuonuo Khezhie who contested in 2007 and Kaheli Chophy who participated last year.

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Tiarenla Jamir, BASN informed that Whiso will be travelling to Mumbai for a month long training and grooming in Mumbai where 2009 Miss India Pooja Chopra will be mentoring her. While in Nagaland, BASN along with Kaheli Chophy will be training and assisting Whiso. “The team has started with the project assignments. The first project is to work out on the exhibition and promotion of the State to the rest of the country,” said Jamir, adding that the national costume is also a part of the assignment where the costume will be designed with the concept of promoting one’s culture.

Kaheli Chopy, who represented Miss India, last year shared her experiences in the Femina Miss India 2017 pageant. Chophy pointed out that for contestants in Nagaland they have very less exposure which also leads to a lot of inadequacies when contesting in the nationals. “The more exposure we have the more experience we get. We are lacking behind in this field compared to the mainland. This year is going to be very competitive. Even within the North East there is so much of competitive spirit,” said Chophy who appealed the people in Nagaland to support Whiso. “A lot of support is needed,” added Chophy.

“As an organisation (BASN), we struggle a lot. Monetary matters in huge figures. We do not get much revenue and even with the little that we get, we work on supporting our girls,” mentioned Tiarenla adding that in many states, the people and government is supportive of such representations. Hoping that the State will come forward, the BASN has appealed for the support of the people in Nagaland for Whiso who will be representing the State. “We are sending one of our best this year,” said Mele Pucho, BASN.

Sharing her experiences on the audition in Guwahati which was held right before her Class 12 Board exams, Whiso mentioned that her family was reluctant to send her because of her exams. Whiso who has just finished her 12th Board Examination from Little Flower Higher Secondary School, Kohima had to struggle and multitask between the auditions and preparation for her board exams. “However, something drove me to go,” says Whiso who has started working on her projects for the National beauty pageant. A major project is the ‘Beauty with a purpose’ project where Whiso will be involved in initiating social changes in Nagaland. Whiso plans to focus on self-sustenance and entrepreneurship in Nagaland.

On being asked what makes her representation significant, Whiso earnestly replied, “I am simple, and I believe that this simplicity makes me special and it will help me in my journey.” Whiso will be performing an Angami folk song along with the Tati in the Talent round at the Femina Miss India 2018.

A major boost for the representative of Nagaland will be on social media where Whiso needs the support of the people in the State.

Whiso can be followed on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter by the name Ruopfuzhano Whiso.

The FBB Femina Miss India 2018 will be the 55th edition of the national beauty pageant. The contestants are grouped into four regions namely East, West, North and South Zone with one mentor for each zone.

Apart from the main results and Top 6 & 15 finalists, sub titles are also awarded in 22 categories such as Miss Multimedia, Beauty with a purpose, Miss Popular etc. Major awards are the Best National Costume, Body Beautiful and Miss Active.

Source Morung Express

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